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Tzigane (Hungarian Gypsy) Charmed Pouches & Unique Gifts from Hills End Gardens.

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Tzigane Charmed Satin Pouch contain home grown (organic) charmed & charged dried herbs & plants with a pinch of salt added for spiritual protection, some also contain ‘special purpose’ crystal chips. And, yes, there are ‘attracting’ herbs. 

Attract Money & Good Fortune  | Attract Love | Love Dedications | Congratulations |  Good Health | In Loving Memory 

Our original Blessing cards with a magnet on reverse.They are the same size as a standard business/credit card. 

Protection Salt Pillows handmade. When you need protection from ill-wishes, against evil and harmful people who intentionally work to make your life miserable. Place above doorways and entrances, under beds, in cars, above baby’s cot. (pls keep away from small children and pets) Salt is used, and has been for centuries to protect one from uninvited ghosts and spirits.To keep the ‘unseen’ and ‘the seen’ evil away, to protect you from those who wish you ill-will. Those with truly bad intentions.

Pure protection salt pillows contain salt, protection herbs and crystal chips.Three strong protection elements. 

All presented in a white organza draw string pouch. White is the strongest protection colour, you can add special trinkets and small items inside with the charmed pouch and blessing card.

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