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Charmed Pouches – Unique Gifts. Hills End Gardens

Salt Pillows…hand made in Australia

For protection from evil and harm

Contains specially selected, ‘charged’ and dried protection herbs and plants with salt for protection.

To Attract Money pillows, attract money and good fortune and salt for protection

Contain specially selected, charged and dried herbs to attract money and good fortune. Herbs and crystals to bring good luck, good fortune in all its forms. With Salt for protection.

To Attract Love. My lover hither, do not dither! 

Herbs and flower petals representing love, attract love. Retain the love you have.

For Good health herbs and healing crystals pillow 

Special healing crystals and herbs

In Loving Memory… a simple little pillow filled with memories of love and laughter that once was

$2 Flat rate shipping for all Salt Protection Pillow orders

From The Hills End Gift shop…
Gifts under $10

Charmed herbs, flowers and plants in satin pouches.

Each pouch contains ‘charged’ dried plants, some pouches have salt for added protection. For love and romance dried flower petals, with a mix of special love attracting herbs. See our full range in the shop. 

Blessing Gift Cards

Our original blessings, dedications and requests with the Charmed Pouches

Special crystals and herbs in satin pouches. No Blessings

A fine selection of crystals and herbs for…


Love & Romance

Healing  in white satin pouch

Attract good luck, opportunity

New Beginnings

$2 Flat rate shipping for all Charmed pouch orders

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