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Cold Therapy Salt Pillows

Handmade in Australia. A naturally safe, soothing remedy for cooling down when hot and reducing bumps and bruises. Salt pillows offer relief from aches, inflammation, headaches and stress.  

Available in two sizesEach pillow contours to the shape of your body for a deep, soothing and relaxing coolness.Relief from heat, Ideal for pregnant women, menopausal women, sport injuries.

Salt Pillows are an affordable, natural product safe for all ages.
Store in freezer. Use as a cold compress (do not heat).

$10 Flat rate shipping for all Cold Therapy Salt Pillow orders

Welcome to our online shop for Charmed and unique gifts

1. Charmed Pouches – gifts of enchanted herbs & salt for protection With original, unique Blessings & Dedications (cards)

Unique gifts for love and romance, remembrance, happiness, attract good fortune and for protection. Herbs from Hills End Gardens are grown organically, harvested, dried  and ‘charged’.

2. Charmed Crystals and Herbs: Contain special Crystals and Herbs for… Protection | Love & Romance | Healing sachet in white satin | Attract good luck, opportunity | New Beginnings

3. Salt & Herb Pillows: Contain salt from the Earth for protection and special enchanted herbs

4. Blessing & Dedication Gift Cards Packs of 10: A selection of  original gift cards of  love, celebrations and goodbyes.

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