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Charmed Pouches – Unique Gifts. Hills End Gardens

Salt Pillows are hand made using our home grown organic herbs and plants, charged and blessed.
Salt is added for extra protection. 

 Attract Money and Good Fortune pillows. Place close to where you keep your cash, wallet, credit cards etc. 

 Attract Love… My love come hither now, do not dither! Herbs and flower petals attracting and maintaining love.

Good health herbs and healing crystals pillow 

In Loving Memory…remembrance herbs, salt to protect the loved one 

Protection Pillows: place where you need protection from ill-wishes, evil and harm. 

$2 Flat rate shipping for all Salt Protection Pillow orders

Add your personal magic touch.. making it a very special, personal gift or a keepsake just for you.

(1) simply place your special ‘something’ inside the white organza bag with the satin pouch and blessing card. Or…

(2) open the charmed satin pouch, as they are not sewn shut, open the press sealed plastic little bag, empty the herbs etc loosely back into the satin pouch and add your memento/special gift. Tighten/close the pouch and discard the little plastic bag. 

Simply, add your own message, poem, special wish, souvenir, in loving memory memento, keepsake, good luck trinket or token, special relic, even your tear drops, maybe seal it with a kiss.

(3) Leave your lipstick imprint on the outside of the satin pouch and gift to a loved one.

Why not…

  • Add a few coins to attract money, bless the coins with our blessing or with your own.
  • Add  your baby’s first baby tooth as a keepsake
  • Add a  lock of hair – baby’s first cut
  • Add a few drops of your brand of perfume, essential oil or cologne – your personal fragrance
  • Add your a good luck charm
  • Add a special rock, a leaf, a twig, a shell as a memento from a happy day. Bless the item with a wish to return soon, to be with loved one again and place inside charmed satin pouch
  • In Loving Memory, add a lock of hair or a special item of a loved one recently passed
  • Add a piece of ribbon from a special gift you have received from a birthday, engagement, wedding etc.  

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