A bit Mystical, Magical, Spiritual and just plain special…

Our Charmed (Tzigane – Hungarian Gypsy) Satin pouches, to attract love, money and keep you protected.
With original Blessing cards. 
More Magical Wares…
Hand made, original designed ‘laser cut’ wooden products:
  • Spirit Talking Boards- AKA. OUIJA  Boards – contact the dearly departed, ask questions, send messages. Caution advised, not a toy, not for children or the faint-hearted
  • Panchettes with your spirit board
  • Planchette key rings – 2 options select from 4 woods, blackened, golden sassafras, jarrah & walnut
  • Pendulum Boards…bit special. Alpha  – Numeric Pendulum Board
  • Wheel of the Year
  • Zodiac Wheels
  • Moon Phase Wheels
  • Triquetra Wheel of the Year. Northern and Southern Hemisphere’s available
  • Sets of  6 Coasters  select from Vikings | Witchy | Chakra | Element |
  • Rune Set – rectangle shape
  • Vegvisir Board