Charmed Satin Pouches™

Love & Romance
Good Fortune

All with your choice of Blessings, gifts for your loved ones and some just for you! 

  ‘Je Suis Protégé… I am protected ‘  

The House at No. 8 and Hills End Gardens™ present their exclusive range of Charmed satin Pouches with original Blessings.

For you and your loved ones. Our protection pouches contain salt from the sea and dried “protection” herbs from Hills End Gardens. Salt has been used in blessings and as protection for centuries. Protection herbs have been grown in gardens and used through the ages to ward off evil, curses, ill-wishes and bad luck.

Each satin or red velvet pouch comes with its own exclusive original Blessing card presented in a white organza drawstring bag. White is the strongest protective color of all.  Hang the complete white organza bag where you feel it is truly needed, or place the Blessing card in your wallet and hang the  protection pouch separately. Historically, protection herbs and salt were hung from ceilings, placed over doorways, in common rooms, above beds and in cots. Often strategically hidden.

*We do not make any spiritual, religious, promises of good fortune, physical or health claims in respect to the use of our Protection Pouches and Blessings, of their efficacy and/or application. They are gifts.

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