Charmed Satin Pouches contain enchanted herbs from Hills End Gardens,
salt for protection with original, unique blessing cards

Charmed for…
Love & Romance
Good Fortune
Good Luck

Blessing card themes:

 Je Suis Protégé – I am protected
‘À Mon Amour   – to my love
‘Sur  Demandé – on request
‘Aimé Toujours – loved always
‘Pour Toujours – forever

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Hills End Gardens present their exclusive range of Charmed satin pouches with original blessings.

We include  herbs historically associated with: protection, remembrance,  well wishes, good luck, to ward off evil, curses, ill-wishes and bad luck. To attract good luck and love.

Salt has and still is applied for protection and included in many blessings and ceremonies.

Gifts:  each pouch is presented in a white organza drawstring bag. White is the strongest protective color of all.

Hang the complete white organza bag where you feel it is truly needed, and/or place the blessing card in your wallet.

Historically, protection and love herbs were hung from ceilings, placed over doorways, in common rooms, above beds and in cots. Often strategically hidden.

Earth: where superstitions, folklore, traditions, myths and legends abound.  Bring a little magic into your life! 

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All Rights Reserved

Charmed Satin Pouches with special Crystals and enchanted herbs from Hills End Gardens,
with a pinch of salt for protection


Black Tourmaline: protection
Rose Quartz: love, peace, romance and sensuality
Aventurine: attracts abundance, money, good luck
Moonstone: new beginnings, good luck and good fortune
Clear Quartz: healing & cleansing – the master healer

Our exclusive crystal range:
A Gri Gri protection red  velvet pouch
Love pouches: red velvet or hot pink satin
Healing pouch in white satin pouch
Attract good luck & opportunity pouches in red, black satin or royal purple satin

Presented in white organza drawstring bag. 

Sorry, no blessing cards in this range

Disclaimer: Our Charmed Pouches and Blessings are presented purely as gifts.
We do not make any claims of their efficacy,  or promises of good fortune, love, physical protection, spiritual protection, or health etc in respect to their use or application. Do not consume their contents.