We do not make any health claims, promises, warranties or guarantees with respect to the use and effectiveness of any of our handmade charmed pouches or salt pillows for protection.

Tzigane Charmed Pouches and Blessings: We do not make any spiritual, religious, promises of good fortune, physical or health claims with respect to the purchase and use of any of our own products, their efficacy of application.They are sold purely as gifts..

 The Do Not’s

  • Do not undo the Tzigane Charmed Pouches or salt pillows as none of the ingredients are edible
  • Do not consume their ingredients, if accidentally consumed seek medical attention immediately.
  • Do not allow pets, animals to chew, eat or play with our products, they are not toys for pets. 
  • Do not heat the salt pillow ever. Not in a microwave or conventional oven. Heating may causing burns to the skin.
  • Do not wash the salt pillow, not washable, they are to be hung where one considers they need spiritual protection
  • Do not wet the salt pillow, if it wet accidentally,  air dry flat 
  • In hot and humid weather, do not leave salt pillow directly on furniture to avoid stains/markings


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