Well, we did good… Charmed Pouches and the Blessings

New mother says thanks
I was gifted a pink charmed satin pouch for my new little daughter, it was for protection. So I hung it above her cot. Besides looking cute in pretty satin, she sleeps soundly, I truly don’t know if it helped, but she sleeps soundly and undisturbed. My initial reaction was, well it can’t hurt.

Betty B Qld 

Not sold on it, but others loved them. 
Hi Salt Pillow Ladies,
At first I wasn’t sure about this charmed pouches and their ability to attract money, but thought they would make cute little presents for  my family and friends. Ha, most of them loved the idea, adding the satin pouch to their good luck charms and trinkets. Passing on good fortune wishes as presents, yes, a bit special. Thanks.

SM, Caulfield

Open-minded English woman’s feedback.
Coming from England where I roamed through many haunted castles, i love these charmed pouches, what a great idea. The Blessing/Protection card is on my fridge. Ghosts are not welcome, unless of course they are loved ones gone before us.

Thanks…a believer.  Qld.

The Blessings are great for Christmas stockings, every one at my  family Christmas lunch received one. To attract love, created many a laugh for those still single and looking for love.

Lynn, friend of Hills End Gardens

I thought the Blessings very creative,  right to the point. Others very funny. Used as gift tags. Thanks,

Christine (big present giver)

Looking for love…

OMG, thanks. I purchased the Charmed Pouch in deep red and the Blessing to attract love. 2 weeks later an old friend walked into my life. Get out! I never guessed love would arrive so quickly. A bit funny, but very happy. Hope it lasts.


Condolences. Blessing card sent with bunch of flowers to my friends home. Better than a card, more personal.