Hills End Gardens Charmed Pouches with original Blessing cards

We make up an exclusive range of Charmed pouches containing specially ‘charged’ herbs and selected crystals with our original Blessings.

Charmed pouches to attract money, love, for celebrations, to say goodbye, ward off evil, banish curses, ill-wishes and bad luck. Salt is added for increased ‘protection’.

Protection  pouches were once hung from ceilings, placed over doorways, in common rooms, under beds and cots. Protection herbs were stitched into clothing, especially for newborns and young children. Often strategically hidden by adults, also in their clothing. Given as gifts to loved ones at births, christenings, weddings and funeral.  

Looking for love? Historically spinsters had many useful items in their ‘toolbox’ and love attracting herb pouches and sachets were  essential items

Make your charmed pouch personal, include a personal gift inside the white organza bag.  A poem | handwritten note | souvenir/keepsake | photo | a lock of hair | a special rock, a leaf, a twig, or shell from happy moments | add a few tear drops on the satin pouch | imprint the satin pouch with a kiss – be sure to wear your brightest lipstick, just saying.

Coins to attract money, make a wish – make it clear – make it so the money source does not disappear!

Gift Cards and original Blessing: our unique original Blessings are business card size. 

Blessing themes: 

‘Je Suis Protégé – I am protected
‘À Mon Amour   – to my love
‘Sur  Demandé – on request (attract money and good luck)
‘Aimé Toujours – loved always
‘Pour Toujours – forever

Crystals & Herbs for:  

  • Love & Romance. Messages and Attract 
  • Attract Money, Prosperity & Good Luck
  • Protection
  • New Beginnings

Why we add salt. Salt is added in some of our pouches to ward off evil and for protection from ill wills, against curses and to stop bad luck. Historically salt was sprinkled at entrances, in rooms, around and under cots and under beds for protection from unwelcome visitors, evil spirits according to folklore. Place your protection pouch or salt pillow where you consider protection is required.  

Salt has been used for protection worldwide for centuries (and still is) on alters, in funerals, traditional christenings, sprinkled in doorways and on steps of homes and out door entrances, to help deter bad luck and allow good luck and good things in


  1. Do not to consume any ingredients: the herbs are dried and are non edible 
  2. Keep away from young children and pets
  3. If herbs, salt or crystal chips are accidentally consumed, seek medical assistance immediately

Disclaimer: Our Charmed Pouches and Blessings are presented sold purely as gifts. 

We do not make any claims of their efficacy, promises of good fortune, finding love, physical protection, spiritual protection, or health claims, etc.  Hence, sorry there are no warranties or refunds.

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