Hills End Gardens   

Hills End Gardens specialize in Charmed Pouches with Blessing gift cards and Charmed pouches of specially selected herbs mixed with significant crystal chips.
Charmed Pouches  with Blessings gift cards.  Original Blessings are the copyright of Hills End Gardens

Blessing themes: 

Je Suis Protégé:  I am protected
À Mon Amour :    to my love
Sur  Demandé:    on request – attract, love, money and luck
Aimé Toujours:    loved always
Pour Toujours:     forever

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We also market seeded products through our marketing arm, Next Level Marketing. Next Level Marketing has been promoting unique products and specialized professional services since 2006.

Customized & Branded Seeded promotional products. A huge selection of seeded products now available. Select seeds that align with your brand, an environmentally, friendly and thoughtful complimentary gift. Select from a huge list of flowers, herbs and vegetables.

Next Level Marketing call 041 999 4095 or email: rene@nextlevelmarketing.com.au 

Products include customized and branded units of Seed Sticks, Seed Sachets and handmade seed embedded paper designed for cards and invitations. Suitable for business and personal events, functions and promotions. 

Customized with your message, brand colors and logo. We  assist in selecting the appropriate seeds from a huge selection of flowers, herbs and native plants.

Build me a garden that’s bursting into life…
Photo: Hills End Gardens circa 1992.  Wholesale growers of herbs and beautiful cottage garden plants.
The Hills End herbs and cottage garden wholesale plant nursery may be gone, but its fine reputation continues