Hills End Nursery & Gardens established in 1990

Build me a garden that’s bursting into life…and THEY did
Photo: Hills End Gardens circa 1992.  Wholesale growers of herbs and beautiful cottage garden plants.
The Hills End herbs and cottage garden wholesale plant nursery may be gone, but its name, fine reputation & happy memories remain for many. 

Charmed Herbs in satin pouches with Blessings gift cards  We specialize in organically grown herbs, flowers and plants. All ‘charged and charmed’.

Our Blessing themes: 

Je Suis Protégé:  I am protected
À Mon Amour :    to my love
Sur  Demandé:    on request – attract, love, money and luck
Aimé Toujours:   loved always
Pour Toujours:    forever

Original Blessings are the copyright of Hills End Gardens. Do not use or copy in any format.

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