SOLD OUT – A Prosperity Summoning & Charmed Pouch

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Sur  Demandé –  request for money
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Satin pouch contains special herbs & crystals
Please select your pouch colour
Buy 5 or more ” Prosperity Summoning’ and receive 10% discount.

Buy 5 or more Prosperity Summoning and receive 10% discount.


Prosperity Summoning
 Sur  Demandé – on request

Say it loud, say it strong.
Or whisper – the power is in your intention.
Reach out and summon the universe!

Our pouches contain salt from the sea for protection and a special selection of dried herbs used for summoning.

  • Place the pouch in the entrance of your home or office
  • In your everyday bag for good luck
  • Carry with you when applying for new jobs!
  • Hang it up with your lucky charms
  • Presented in a white organza bag (white is the most powerful protection color)

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Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 7 × 10 cm
Select your Pouch Colour

White Satin, Pink Satin, Hot Pink Satin, Blue Satin, Navy Blue Satin, Royal Purple Satin, Black Satin, Red Velvet

Blessing card with/out magnet

with magnet, without magnet