Moon Phases Black Pendulum 19cm Plaque


Moon Phased Pendulum Board, ask away..
BYO pendulum, sorry we don’t sell pendulums
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Buy 10 or more for 10% discount


A Black pendulum board with a Celtic star in center, featruing the moon phases.
BYO pendulum or crystal.
19cm diameter and 3 mm thick plywood. Light glossed.

Interpreting the moon phases on a pendulum board.
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You’ll notice that there are two of each answer, and each one is linked with a different moon phase. Here’s how you can interpret each with their associated phase:

  • Yes – New Moon = This is a new path that you must go down // Full Moon = Time to push forward with this
  • No – First Quarter = Have strength and don’t give up // Third Quarter = It’s time to let go, it no longer serves you
  • Maybe – Waxing Gibbous = It’s time to try some manifestation to make things happen // Waning Gibbous = Practice gratitude and review lessons previously learned
  • Unknown – Waxing Crescent = Only you can inspire action and create options // Waning Crescent = More needs to be released in order to find clarity

How to use: 
1.hold crystal attached on a chain – that’s your pendulum – or another special hanging/swinging piece, a little above the board above center of board. Hold your hand as still as possible
2. ask your direct and precise question, and only about you…don’t be messing with other people’s future or life.
3. wait for pendulum to swing above your answer. The width of pendulum swing can be slight or really wide, be ready! 

Ask simple questions…

  • Will I?
  • Can I?
  • Should I

Stay calm if it doesn’t come to fruition immediately, be patient. The universe works in mysterious ways. 

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 19 cm
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as is, with felt on back, with Magnets on back