Undo All Curses Placed On Me. Protection Charmed Pouch


‘Je Suis Protégé – I am protected’
The Undo all curses
Presented in a white organza bag
Satin Protection Pouch: select your colour
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Buy 5 or more of The Undo and receive 10% discount. Gift to your loved ones.

Buy 5 or more on The Undo and receive 10% discount.


Undo all curses, by my command
‘Je Suis Protégé – I am protected’

Do you feel like you have been cursed.. as if bad luck was following you around?
Experiencing bad luck, more than you should?
Are unexplained weird “things” going on in your space that you can’t explain?

This is The Undo. Best read out loud and perhaps in private. repeat 3 times

Protection pouches contain salt , protection crystal and a special selection of charmed protection herbs

  • A Protection Pouch: satin or red faux velvet contains a mix of protection crystal chips, charmed protection herbs and salt
  • Presented in a white organza bag (white is the most powerful protection color)

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Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 7 × 10 cm
Select your Pouch colour

White Satin, Pink Satin, Hot Pink Satin, Blue Satin, Navy Blue Satin, Royal Purple Satin, Black Satin, Red Velvet

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