Bring Me My Fortune, seriously. Gypsy Charmed Pouch


‘Je Suis Protégé – I am protected’
Presented in a white organza bag
Pouch: select your colour
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Buy 5 or more ‘Grant me my fortune’ and receive 10% discount. 

Buy 5 or more 'Grant me me fortune' and receive 10% discount.


‘Je Suis Protégé – I am protected’
Protect me and grant me my fortune!

Instructions: read blessing out loud.
Mean it, say it with pure intention.
Have no doubt that the universe will respond.

Hence forth, bring it on…and if you know someone who is in need of this blessing, gift them this pouch and blessing.

Grant me my fortune pouches contain salt from the sea and a selection of dried herbs specifically for protection and summoning. Herbs have been grown in gardens worldwide for a very long time to ward off bad luck and attract riches, money, silver and gold.

  • Place in the entrance of your home or office
  • In your everyday bag for good luck
  • Hang it up with your lucky charms
  • Presented in a white organza bag (white is the most powerful protection color) 

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Weight 30 g
Dimensions 7 × 10 cm
Select your Pouch Colour

White Satin, Pink Satin, Hot Pink Satin, Blue Satin, Navy Blue Satin, Royal Purple Satin, Black Satin, Red Velvet