Attract Money & Good Fortune Pouch


Attract opportunity, chance, fortune & money
Presented in a white organza bag
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Buy 5 or more of attract opp, luck & money for a 10% discount

Buy 5 or more and receive a 10% discount


Satin pouch contains  ‘attracting’ crystals and herbs for good fortune in all financial opportunities that cross your path and of course, more money.
Open the door to opportunities and welcome in good luck. Bring it on!
With a sprinkle of salt to protect your good fortune.

  • Place in the entrance of your home or office
  • Carry with you when applying for new jobs!
  • Add it to your lucky charms stand
  • Hang it where it will remind you to buy that lotto ticket

With a sprinkle of salt to protect your good fortune. Presented in a white organza bag
BTW – you may also like the Charmed Pouches to attract money, with ‘say out loud’ Blessing cards. 

No Blessing card fridge magnet

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Weight 30 g
Dimensions 7 × 10 cm
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white satin, pink satin, hot pink satin, Blue satin, Navy Blue satin, Royal Purple satin, Black Satin, Red Velvet