Crystals to Attract Luck & Money


Attract opportunity, chance, good luck & money
Presented in a white organza bag
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Buy 5 or more and receive a 10% discount


Satin sachet’s contain¬† ‘attracting’ crystals and herbs for good luck, chance, opportunity and money.
Opening the door to opportunities and welcome in good luck. Bring it on!
With a sprinkle of salt to protect your good fortune.

  • Place in the entrance of your home or office
  • In your everyday bag for good luck
  • Carry with you when applying for new jobs!
  • Add it to your lucky charms
  • Hung it where it will remind you to buy that lotto ticket
  • Place in your serene, quiet place where you can ponder in which areas you desire luck. Ask the universe.

Good Luck!

With a sprinkle of salt to protect your good fortune. Presented in a white organza bag
BTW – you may also like the Charmed Pouches to attract money, with ‘say out loud’ Blessing cards.¬†

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Weight 30 g
Dimensions 9 x 13 cm
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