Viking Runes, laser engraved divination set


25 pcs in pouch with leaflet
Handmade in Melbourne
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Elder Futhark Rune set, available in 3 colours/woods. 25 pcs of plywood laser engraved presented in canvas pouch with instruction leaflet. Learn suggested layouts and meanings of each rune. 

Similar to reading Tarot cards, historically letters were carved or painted on stone before the Latin alphabet came along

Available in thin/light plywood. Easy to handle:  Height 4.5com Width 2.5cm

  1. Golden Sassafras
  2. Black
  3. Jarrah 

How to use Runes

Single Stone Reading
This type of reading is the simpler version and requires just a single rune stone for a reading.

  1. place all rune stones in the bag
  2. relax and clear your mind
  3. focus on the questions you would like answers to
  4. hold the bag of runes in your receptive hand
  5. mix up the runes with your fingers
  6. ask your question and take a rune from the bag
  7. read the symbol – this is the answer to your question
  8.  should you require further clarification, take another rune from the bag and read the symbol
  9. not getting the “correct’  answer?  then place the rune back in the bag and reshuffle them, and kindly rephrase your question__________
    The advanced four rune reading….
    Far more complicated and best left to those who have advanced knowledge in reading. . This requires you to read a combination of four rune stones.
  • repeat actions from 1 to 6 from above, the single rune reading method
    • BUT now remove four runes, one at a time thanks
    • read each inscription and place them in front of you.
     first represents the past influences
    second represents the present influences
    third represents the future influences
    fourth represents the activities. deeds and forces that shall remain unchanged
    Once you feel comfortable working with runes, you can experiment with different types of layouts that will come to you naturally as you advance in your rune reading experience. Discovering what works best for you. Many people believe that the selections made within the runes drawn are not random at all, they are the choices made by your subconscious. And some believe that the runes drawn hold the answers provided by the Divine to affirm what we truly know in our hearts.

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 2.5 × 4.5 cm
Wooden Runes

Black, Golden Sassafras, Jarrah