Protection Herbs, Crystals & Salt. Tzigane (Hungarian Gypsy) Charmed Pouch with Blessing


Protection crystals & protection herbs in a charmed pouch
Presented in a white organza bag
Pouch: select your colour below.
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Buy 5 or more ‘Protection’ sachets for a 10% discount

Buy 5 or more protection crystal sachets for a 10% discount


Protection sachet contain protection crystals, protection herbs and a pinch of salt, three components to ward off evil and stay protected from harm, spiritual or otherwise.

Protection from ill wishes, curses and others evil intentions.
Place in entrances, bedrooms, under pillows, in luggage, over bed and cots.
White is the strongest protection colour,  sachet is presented in a white organza bag

No Blessing card

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Weight 30 g
Dimensions 7 × 10 cm
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