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Sacred offerings to awaken your souls true purpose – release – align – awaken – heal 

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Own grown plant medicines from Eden Apothecary Garden. From the Earth to the Heart. Based in Eden N.S.W Australia.

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  • Spiritual Cleanse – organic botanical ceremonial soap. Ritual Cleanse. Purify. Protect . $11.00 + delivery.

    Materials: Organic Australian White Sage, Rosemary, Flowers and Leaves, Kaolin Clay, Lunar Infused White Sage and Rosemary, in Olive Oil


    )O( All our Plant Medicines & Botanicals are Respectfully Grown, Harvested & Prepared by the calling of the moon & planetary corresponding influences, in ceremony & with love at our Eden Apothecary in Eden NSW AUSTRALIA, capturing the true energetic essence and spirit of the plant in each offering )O(

    For those seeking to cleanse and purify the spirit and body before entering into states of meditation, yoga, ritual and ceremony.
    Use in your bathing ceremony.
    Once submerged into water, wash your skin with this highly potent botanical soap to clear away negative energy, cleanse the luminous energy field and to prepare the mind and body for you sacred ceremony.
    Handcrafted during the waning moon to aid your cleansing ritual and banish unwanted heavy stagnant energies.
    This bar of soap is naturally deeply aromatic. ONLY botanicals that I have hand milled have been used to release the natural oils of the herb. (NO Essential Oils and definatley NO toxic fragrance)

    A balanced blend of oils ensures skin nourishing properties while you wash away negative energies

    Saponofied Oils of Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Sustainable Palm Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Camelia Oil
    Kaolin Clay
    Featuring our HOMEGROWN Organic Botanicals of
    ~ White Sage Leaves & Flowers
    ~ Rosemary Leaves & Flowers.
    and our
    )O( Lunar/Solar Infused Oils of White Sage & Rosemary in Olive Oil over 4 lunar cycles

    Our soap is handmade and hand cut. Sizes & colour may vary only slightly.Approx. weight range per bar 115g to 120g

    This bar comes wrapped in recycled kraft paper, tied with organic string & sacred sealing wax with symbol ~ seed of life imbedded on front.

    Love and Blessings