Charmed Pouches-Gifts with original, unique Blessings and Love Dedications (card) $15 ea
  1. Select from 30 Blessings for… Love & Romance | Congratulations & Happiness| House Warming |  Remembrance Money & Good Fortune | Protection. 
  2.  Select the Charmed pouch colour      
  3. $2 flat rate shipping – pls select at checkout

Salt & Herb Satin Pillows $14 ea
Unique, special gifts. Salt for protection with a special  mix of enchanted herbs. New Baby. Love. Remembrance. Good Luck. Celebration. No Blessing Card. $2 flat rate shipping – pls select at checkout
Crystals & Herb Sachets $14 ea
Selection:  Protection | Love | Healing | Good luck, opportunity & chance | New beginnings. No Blessing card. $2 flat rate shipping – pls  select at checkout
Like a special Blessing or Love Dedication Gift Card?
Buy a pack of 10 for $16. Blessings, Love Dedications and Request from the universe. $2 Flat rate shipping, pls select at checkout
Salt Pillows for cold therapy $19.95 & $29.95 ea
Handmade Salt Pillows may provide cool relief for injuries, menopause symptoms, heat, stress etc. Salt Pillows made from 100% pure cotton and 100% Organic cotton (select). Contain pure natural Himalayan Mineral Salt Available in two sizes. Many colours. $10 Flat rate shipping for all Cold Salt Pillow orders- select at checkout