Hills End Gardens Gift Shop for…
  • Tzigane Charmed Satin Pouches with Blessing Cards  (use as fridge magnets and/or gift cards)
  • Original Blessing Cards only, use as Fridge Magnets or gift cards with your own gifts
  • A Bit Mystical & Magical
  • Crystals & Herbs Charmed Pouches for specific intentions and purpose (no blessing cards)
  • Handmade Salt Protection Pillows – hey, the stitching may not be perfect, we concentrate on the ingredients.
  • Books & lampshades (with more unique products being added all the time). 
  • Shipping: $2 flat rate on small gifts and $10 flat rate on larger/heavier gifts.
Please read before purchasing
  1. Do not to consume any ingredients: salt, dried herbs/plants or crystal. Non Edible
  2. Keep away from young children and pets, they are not toys.
  3. If herbs, salt or crystal chips are accidentally consumed, seek medical assistance immediately
  4. Do not heat the Salt Pillows, they are not for health or medicinal purposes.Never heat in microwave
  5. Do not wet/ wash salt pillows, they are to be hung where one considers they need spiritual protection
  6. In hot and humid weather, do not leave salt pillow directly on furniture to avoid stains/markings
  7. Copyright. do not place/copy any Blessing in part/whole on any media or reproduce in print or digital format.
We make no claims, warranties or promises as to their specific benefits: of attracting good luck, health, finding love, happiness, attracting money and for spiritual protection etc from our products. If you decide to purchase, you do so based upon your own opinions and spiritual beliefs. They are sold as gifts, yes, but just that little more special.