From the Hills End Gardens Gift Shop…

Salt Pillows full range.  A selection of handmade pillows. Containing specially selected ‘charged’ and dried herbs, dried plants and flowers, some pillows also contain crystals, all with salt for added protection. Herbs are organic grown and harvested from our own Hills End garden.

Charmed Pouches contain specially selected herbs, flowers and plants, charged and dried, some are mixed with salt for added protection, placed in colourful satin pouches, you chose the colour of the pouch. With over 30 original Blessing gift cards to select from, match your blessing card with your charmed pouch. Presented in white organza drawstring pouch for easy hanging.

Step 1. Select your blessing, dedication or request from the 30 Blessing (cards)
Step 2. Select your pouch colour from the 8 colours available.

Crystals & Charged Herbs Pouches a mix of special crystals and herbs, combined for extra energy. For Love | Healing | Good luck | New beginnings | Protection. No Blessing card   

                                 $2 Flat rate shipping for all Charmed Pouch and Salt Protection Pillow orders