Testimonials from Salt Pillow users

From a young mother of two little girls,..
During pregnancy over summer I I used two salt pillows, one on the back of my neck and the other on my feet.  My feet ached during summer with the heat and swelling in my feet, but I got relief by putting my feet up and laying the salt pillow over the toes! I also put them on my eyes and face to reduce my body temperature and relax. Highly recommend to all expectant mums!

I also use the salt pillows as a safe ice pack to reduce swelling. My 5 year old daughter uses it when she has accidents. They’re safe and reliable and I can trust they won’t leak chemicals like the traditional ice packs.
Mrs. EW Cranbourne East 

From a 65+ male who loves is Karate…
Hi, I have a very bad inflamed knee after karate training, the salt pillow reduces the inflammation and gives me relief in a few minutes, so I can resume normal activities during the day. I highly recommend a salt pillow after sports training for any age.
Mr.CH Castlemaine

From a corporate high flyer..
Hi Salt Pillow Ladies,
I wasn’t sure this would help at first but once I started using the salt pillow I was sold. It has a wonderful soothing, healing quality and just seems to calm and cool the body down. You can feel yourself relax allowing the body to heal.
Mr. SM  Murrumbeena

From a young English woman…
Hi, I suffer from headaches and i tried the chilled salt pillows to help ease them. It really helps to  sooth the  pain of a tension headache, on occasion making pain killers unnecessary. And the best thing is it is a cold dry heat so no wet patches, just the right amount of cold…no brain freeze!  highly recommend them as they are reusable and kind of pretty!
Miss CV-T Doncaster

Okay, I am a 60+ woman. Sunday morning: I was tired, a tad hungover and hot. Summer in Australia is really hot. I placed the So cool salt pillow on my forehead and instantly felt relief. Cold and soothing, headache drifted away and I felt much better in  a few minutes. After 30 mins i put the pillow back in the freezer, i was hooked. Gave it ten mins to get cold again and lay on the couch and relaxed.
Mrs. IH Berwick

Here it is…I lead a very active life – working, family, house and garden – just like most other Mums.  Regrettably, I am not exactly young anymore and often have niggles and injuries. I work on a computer all day and often hold stress and tension in my shoulders and lower back. Now I have found the salt pillow I know I can look forward to relief just by lying on the couch with my salt pillow. It is a great excuse for giving myself 5 minutes.

I first tried the salt pillow around my shoulders and it was wonderful, so light and comfortable and cooling. It can be moulded to exactly the right spot on my body (wonderful for that tired, sore lower back hollow) and is cooling rather than getting freeze burns.  I also use the salt pillow on my forehead and around my neck for a quick 5 minute relax and pick me up.
Mrs.LJ  Northcote

I want to thank Salt Pillows Australia for finding the solution to relieving my headaches and neck tension. After trying wheat bags for many years and making the attempt to cool them down and smelling how unpleasant they become when they are either too long in the fridge, Salt Pillows came along with this wonderful solution. and they work. The pillow remains a solid cool temperature for a considerable time and does the job and smells clean and fresh after multiple uses.

This is a first and it is so hygienic and easy to use, they are really attractive and comfortable. I congratulate Salt Pillows and am placing an order for a long one which I can use around my knee after training when I want to cool the muscle down fast.
This is a great product and really well done.  (A satisfied customer )
Mrs. BSp  Caulfield

Where do I start?  When I had the idea of Salt Pillows months ago, I needed to test it on myself first. I made up a few in different sizes.  My knees and bits-n-bumps ached allot, this handled the dull aches. Magic. Then every unsuspecting visitor was tested, they all enjoyed the enforced experience. One fell asleep on my couch, she was so relaxed. A heavenly pregnant friend didn’t leave until she had the full 20 mins  to reduce her swollen ankles. Same with the 50+ woman going through hot flushes syndrome.
Thanks for all the testers, no, we don’t test our products on animals, just friends and family who would tell me the harsh truth.

Thus, it came together. Now in August 2017 we have an online shop. Hope others will enjoy the relief from our salt pillows as much as the founder.

Irene Briggs

Salt pillows, unscented, but for the smell of the ocean…