Wholesale/reseller clients only. Price list by request.

  • Charmed Gifts (in satin pouches) with Blessing cards – selection of 8 coloured Satin Pouches – with unique, original Blessings (cards) – a selection of 30.  Please view in our shop and select your Blessings, match with coloured pouches  https://saltpillows.com.au/shop/
  • Crystals & Herbs sachets –   for protection, love, healing & good luck. Please view in our shop, select and match to coloured satin pouches. No Blessings (cards) with crystal sachets. https://saltpillows.com.au/shop/
  • Protection Salt  & Herb Pillows – available for wholesale customers in any colour pouch
  • Blessing Gift Cards only  – Min order: 40 mixed Blessings – any selection. No need to buy packs of 10
  • https://saltpillows.com.au/shop/

We make to order, please allow a few days for delivery

Minimum order value: $100

  • For all Charmed Gifts with blessings, please select: Charmed Gifts with Blessing cards
  • Orders via phone or email (not website form) 
  • 100% of payment is required prior to dispatch or delivery
  • We ship nationwide from Fairfield Victoria
  • free postage/shipping for orders over $100
  • free delivery for orders over $400 within the Melbourne Metro area (by arrangement) 

Phone:  041 999 4095 

Email:  sales AT saltpilows.com.au

For all inquiries please contact us